Monday, November 30, 2009

Pink Flamingos Dancing In The Yard

I have a friend who bought a house and the day they closed and moved in found out that it was a meth house......long story short they had to live in an RV. So being an enterprising young woman she decorated appropriately with humor. When she found out that I did gourds she wanted a pink flamingo gourd. Oh this was fun. Flamingos are so graceful and beautiful with such a bad rap for the decorations they provide. It is not their fault that pink plastic replicas are placed in yards of all types. I myself have summer iced tea glasses with pink flamingos on them. The whimsy is great. So I say to you Where is your sense of humor? Flamingos rock! Okay, I could not resist putting a trailer with two plastic pink flamingos out front. Enjoy!

I think this is called a swan gourd. If not well its a flamingo gourd. How they can stand on one leg and not topple over is a wonder in and of its self.

I have some Tennessee Spinners.....Gourds!!! I was so jazzed when I saw them. You will be amazed at their size!

The Cat Gourd

Those of you who have had or now have cats will recognise the antics of these guys. This gourd is based on every cat that I have had and there have been many that gave me joy and laughter. You do realize some of their 'fun' was not mine. but for the most part.....lots of laughter.

I am with out any pets at this point in my journey but maybe in the future. This gourd is in my special selection, you know the 'artists property'. Can not put it up for sale but some have gone to other homes where I hope they are enjoyed. They take such a long time to do. Hours and hours of detailing, listening to the muse, hopefully getting right. Oh you don't see my not so great ones. Maybe someday when I am feeling brave there will be a blog about wish I hadn't done that, how I fixed it or where it lives till the fix is figured out. Till next time! And it will be soon.