Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Following my self

Refer to my Techi I'm Not blog.... How did I follow my self. Can't get rid of it so.. Hey, HELP!

Well, gee, it is kind of funny. So laugh with me.

More Mike Poster is coming this week end. I am gourding and doing my Christmas thing this week. I believe I will be the After Christmas Elf. Again.

We'll just call this a mini blog from a frustrated artist. I do love technology but sometimes it just gets me and so there you are.

Merry Christmas everyone.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Mike the Headless Chicken poster 'Muscles'

Creating Mike is quite a process. It is pretty much completed in my mind before it ever goes to paper. Just the way I process.

Here we have Mike and Henrietta all sketched out for their new 80's look. Its really good to start with the easy part first that's why I did the legs now. Not that it is that much easier but it was a quick way to get it going. Doesn't look like much now but just wait!

After I lay in the base for his world class bod each feather gets to be added. What was I thinking! Was I..... momentary panic set in... going to be able to do this? How to make feathers on an old rooster ( sorry Mike, but you are older than I am) and still have it look like a body builder's body?

Each feather needs to follow the contour of the muscles to create that wonderful form of strength. You should be able to see the shading underneath the feathers. This is my guide for his fabulous shape. As the illustration develops more shading will be added with a cool blue color and the detail of the feathers will also help the illusion of muscle.
There is much to do on Mike and more is done than you see here. But this will give you an idea of how it is going but maybe not where it is going.

I think that Henrietta will be focused on for the next post. She is a cutie. Will she be wearing 1980's style make up? That was a trip. As for big hair, well she just has big hair.

Your comments are welcomed. I also have a fan page on facebook SEDG with my 'Moon Maiden' logo where you can see some of my work and a few things on Zazzel.com/SEDG_Art if you are interested in seeing other things I do.

Well I need to go pluck feathers. Deadline you know.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Mike The Headless Chicken - Its all about the 80's

You followed me while The Little Gourd was created. I think you enjoyed it. I did! So we, Mike the Headless Chicken, Henrietta and I decided to share our process. Mike will link my blog so that his fans can follow too.

I start out with a sketch book and put on paper the ideas that have been mulling around in my head. The Sketches that follow are enlargements of the above sketch.

This year the theme is 'Lets get physical' based on how into exercise we were in the 80's. That decade was sooooooo...........well I feel like I missed it but I didn't.

Arnold was big into body building not politics. I think Mike would like a body like his so I have done the best I can to give it to him. The next step will be on a good velum paper or illustration board with the muscles all sketched in with no head, then put feathers and a tail on him with his great rooster legs.

Henrietta (my twin sister Susan named her) is depicted in the two lady sketches. I will decide which type I like best, put feathers on her and use the other one in the background along with some other chicks.

Leg warmers and hens feet. Gotta love it.

Keep in mind that these are just rough sketches and the finished product; well you'll see.

Gym equipment, mats... the ideas are endless.

Keep watching this blog or my Facebook fan page, SEDG and be sure to visit Mike on Facebook or his website. www.miketheheadlesschicken.org
Till next time. SEDG