Monday, June 22, 2009

The unnamed cat gourd

I started this gourd several weeks ago. It just had the little orange cat on the left and no foliage just cat on gourd. So now there are several more, like six having fun in the sunshine. They are just doing what cats do. Make me laugh.

Puppies are cute and cuddly and very loving. Cats on the other hand are funny. The tippy toe kitten with arched back and fizzed tail over nothing, or the leap to the ceiling over some perceived fright are well worth at least a belly laugh.

I don't recall seeing a dog hiding in a paperbag or box that is too small..... they do other things and usually when they are bigger. We had an 80 pound Boxer/German short-hair named Durango, she decided one time that it would be fun to run between my legs. She tipped me totally over; I swear she was laughing. Then there was the time she got a basket ball stuck in her teeth and the air was hissing out. Yeah that was funny cuz she couldn't run fast enough to get away from it. She has been gone now for about 3 years; I sure miss her she was love on four feet. I never could get her to stop kissing. But dogs are another time and maybe a gourd who knows.

When I finish I will upload the total gourd. It has been fun trying to capture cat ways.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

This is a gourd that I did for a young ladies birthday and of course they making of them always trigger thoughts and scenes in my minds.

Butterflies are full of joy, a bright spot in any ones day even for dogs. I have an ancient Border Collie mix, a delightful bob-tailed lady who has made me smile most days. We lost the dog she raised and trained almost two years ago, a German Shorthair/Boxer mix, to cancer. Sadie still mourns Durango's loss.

Sadie delighted in leaping high into the sky after butterflies when she was in her prime. No she never caught one. Part of me thinks she did not really want to catch one she just wanted to try and it was fun. This dog could leap into the air straight up about six feet and bark while she was doing it (for some reason she never jumped the fence. How thankful for that I was!). We had a rope tied to a branch on a tree in the back yard at the home we had in Idaho Falls, ID and she could spend hours jumping and barking. No I did not let her go on and on, but I knew she would have if left to her own devices. Sadie does not jump any more and I do have to help her get up if it is a cold morning or damp out and she sleeps most of the time but she still has that bright spark in her eyes even though they don't see as well as they used to but she still can see well enough for hand signals. I use them a lot anymore as she cannot hear but the upside is thunder doesn't scare her anymore and the fourth of July fireworks do not factor into our lives either.

This butterfly gourd brought back many happy memories of Sadie's younger days and when she is sleeping and her feet are running I know she is still chasing butterflies in the sunshine and life is good.