Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Following my self

Refer to my Techi I'm Not blog.... How did I follow my self. Can't get rid of it so.. Hey, HELP!

Well, gee, it is kind of funny. So laugh with me.

More Mike Poster is coming this week end. I am gourding and doing my Christmas thing this week. I believe I will be the After Christmas Elf. Again.

We'll just call this a mini blog from a frustrated artist. I do love technology but sometimes it just gets me and so there you are.

Merry Christmas everyone.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Mike the Headless Chicken poster 'Muscles'

Creating Mike is quite a process. It is pretty much completed in my mind before it ever goes to paper. Just the way I process.

Here we have Mike and Henrietta all sketched out for their new 80's look. Its really good to start with the easy part first that's why I did the legs now. Not that it is that much easier but it was a quick way to get it going. Doesn't look like much now but just wait!

After I lay in the base for his world class bod each feather gets to be added. What was I thinking! Was I..... momentary panic set in... going to be able to do this? How to make feathers on an old rooster ( sorry Mike, but you are older than I am) and still have it look like a body builder's body?

Each feather needs to follow the contour of the muscles to create that wonderful form of strength. You should be able to see the shading underneath the feathers. This is my guide for his fabulous shape. As the illustration develops more shading will be added with a cool blue color and the detail of the feathers will also help the illusion of muscle.
There is much to do on Mike and more is done than you see here. But this will give you an idea of how it is going but maybe not where it is going.

I think that Henrietta will be focused on for the next post. She is a cutie. Will she be wearing 1980's style make up? That was a trip. As for big hair, well she just has big hair.

Your comments are welcomed. I also have a fan page on facebook SEDG with my 'Moon Maiden' logo where you can see some of my work and a few things on Zazzel.com/SEDG_Art if you are interested in seeing other things I do.

Well I need to go pluck feathers. Deadline you know.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Mike The Headless Chicken - Its all about the 80's

You followed me while The Little Gourd was created. I think you enjoyed it. I did! So we, Mike the Headless Chicken, Henrietta and I decided to share our process. Mike will link my blog so that his fans can follow too.

I start out with a sketch book and put on paper the ideas that have been mulling around in my head. The Sketches that follow are enlargements of the above sketch.

This year the theme is 'Lets get physical' based on how into exercise we were in the 80's. That decade was sooooooo...........well I feel like I missed it but I didn't.

Arnold was big into body building not politics. I think Mike would like a body like his so I have done the best I can to give it to him. The next step will be on a good velum paper or illustration board with the muscles all sketched in with no head, then put feathers and a tail on him with his great rooster legs.

Henrietta (my twin sister Susan named her) is depicted in the two lady sketches. I will decide which type I like best, put feathers on her and use the other one in the background along with some other chicks.

Leg warmers and hens feet. Gotta love it.

Keep in mind that these are just rough sketches and the finished product; well you'll see.

Gym equipment, mats... the ideas are endless.

Keep watching this blog or my Facebook fan page, SEDG and be sure to visit Mike on Facebook or his website. www.miketheheadlesschicken.org
Till next time. SEDG

Monday, November 30, 2009

Pink Flamingos Dancing In The Yard

I have a friend who bought a house and the day they closed and moved in found out that it was a meth house......long story short they had to live in an RV. So being an enterprising young woman she decorated appropriately with humor. When she found out that I did gourds she wanted a pink flamingo gourd. Oh this was fun. Flamingos are so graceful and beautiful with such a bad rap for the decorations they provide. It is not their fault that pink plastic replicas are placed in yards of all types. I myself have summer iced tea glasses with pink flamingos on them. The whimsy is great. So I say to you Where is your sense of humor? Flamingos rock! Okay, I could not resist putting a trailer with two plastic pink flamingos out front. Enjoy!

I think this is called a swan gourd. If not well its a flamingo gourd. How they can stand on one leg and not topple over is a wonder in and of its self.

I have some Tennessee Spinners.....Gourds!!! I was so jazzed when I saw them. You will be amazed at their size!

The Cat Gourd

Those of you who have had or now have cats will recognise the antics of these guys. This gourd is based on every cat that I have had and there have been many that gave me joy and laughter. You do realize some of their 'fun' was not mine. but for the most part.....lots of laughter.

I am with out any pets at this point in my journey but maybe in the future. This gourd is in my special selection, you know the 'artists property'. Can not put it up for sale but some have gone to other homes where I hope they are enjoyed. They take such a long time to do. Hours and hours of detailing, listening to the muse, hopefully getting right. Oh you don't see my not so great ones. Maybe someday when I am feeling brave there will be a blog about wish I hadn't done that, how I fixed it or where it lives till the fix is figured out. Till next time! And it will be soon.

Monday, June 22, 2009

The unnamed cat gourd

I started this gourd several weeks ago. It just had the little orange cat on the left and no foliage just cat on gourd. So now there are several more, like six having fun in the sunshine. They are just doing what cats do. Make me laugh.

Puppies are cute and cuddly and very loving. Cats on the other hand are funny. The tippy toe kitten with arched back and fizzed tail over nothing, or the leap to the ceiling over some perceived fright are well worth at least a belly laugh.

I don't recall seeing a dog hiding in a paperbag or box that is too small..... they do other things and usually when they are bigger. We had an 80 pound Boxer/German short-hair named Durango, she decided one time that it would be fun to run between my legs. She tipped me totally over; I swear she was laughing. Then there was the time she got a basket ball stuck in her teeth and the air was hissing out. Yeah that was funny cuz she couldn't run fast enough to get away from it. She has been gone now for about 3 years; I sure miss her she was love on four feet. I never could get her to stop kissing. But dogs are another time and maybe a gourd who knows.

When I finish I will upload the total gourd. It has been fun trying to capture cat ways.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

This is a gourd that I did for a young ladies birthday and of course they making of them always trigger thoughts and scenes in my minds.

Butterflies are full of joy, a bright spot in any ones day even for dogs. I have an ancient Border Collie mix, a delightful bob-tailed lady who has made me smile most days. We lost the dog she raised and trained almost two years ago, a German Shorthair/Boxer mix, to cancer. Sadie still mourns Durango's loss.

Sadie delighted in leaping high into the sky after butterflies when she was in her prime. No she never caught one. Part of me thinks she did not really want to catch one she just wanted to try and it was fun. This dog could leap into the air straight up about six feet and bark while she was doing it (for some reason she never jumped the fence. How thankful for that I was!). We had a rope tied to a branch on a tree in the back yard at the home we had in Idaho Falls, ID and she could spend hours jumping and barking. No I did not let her go on and on, but I knew she would have if left to her own devices. Sadie does not jump any more and I do have to help her get up if it is a cold morning or damp out and she sleeps most of the time but she still has that bright spark in her eyes even though they don't see as well as they used to but she still can see well enough for hand signals. I use them a lot anymore as she cannot hear but the upside is thunder doesn't scare her anymore and the fourth of July fireworks do not factor into our lives either.

This butterfly gourd brought back many happy memories of Sadie's younger days and when she is sleeping and her feet are running I know she is still chasing butterflies in the sunshine and life is good.

Monday, May 4, 2009

The Frog King

This is a commissioned gourd that I just finished and delivered on Saturday. So now you know what I have been doing for the last month; that and getting the "Bug" everyone seems to have had.

The Frog Kings was so fun! It brought back memories. I know you are all surprised by that, are you not As this small world was created I felt so at peace. I love the out doors even though I seldom get to go play in it. So this is one way that I do. It is my world, my fun.

Oh boy, as I am writing this what a trip into the past. Goodness, how old...no more than 10 I guess. We used to visit our dad's oldest sister, Aunt Ivy, on their farm. Pastures were watered by flooding, guess they still are in certain areas. This happened to be in Wilford, Idaho or close to it. We tried to catch frogs in the grass and clover. It also brought up a typical Sallyism. They had a horse. I love horses. It was a paint. Palomino I think and it did not always want to move fast. Aunt Ivy's boy child( whose name I do not recollect, and you will understand why I do not want to remember when I finish this little story) was riding it bareback and wanted it to go faster so he talked me into jamming an apple on a stick and running in front of this critter that loved apples. Did I say loved apples? When you are a tiny child, not being anything but bitsy for our age ( I wonder if Susan remembers this, she probably told me not to do it) well that is one BIG horse when it is pounding the earth right behind you!!!!! Did I also mention that I love fences?

it got the apple and greatly enjoyed it.

See what a small thing like illustrating a gourd can do. I cannot wait to do the next one. I should do one of the horse and the apple. Have to think about that. Wouldn't want to embarrass my self now would I.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Well it is completed now.

What a sweet journey this has been! The Little Gourd has led me down memory lane in more ways than I could ever have imagined. It will be a little heart wrenching to let it go on its journey, but it really wants to go to Linda. Hopefully she will like it as much as I liked doing it for her. I was going to attach the wise old owl to the top of the gourd but he did not, I repeat, did not want to be there. The owl stands alone! So it will be a very small rattle. Why, I do not know but that is the way it is to be. It will make the why known in its own good time.

The painting of the gourd was easy but taking the photos in a manner that the photos came out correctly was something else. Refer to "Techie I am Not". I must have taken a hundred photos to get what I have on the blog.

I have listened and followed, painted and prayed, and have had a fine journey with this project. To all who follow the Little Gourd; thank you. Positive thoughts do help any artist in what ever medium they choose and they are appreciated. They are helpful. They give courage when we need it and always send inspiration.

We all have different talents. They are gifts that we must use for good and always, always give thanks for them.

What will be my next project? No sure, but it will have my all as has the Little Gourd . You know when you give your all, you get it all back.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Well the Fox is in it now

I know, I know, wolves and butterflies were in my head but you know those foxes are pretty quick.

That is the wonderful thing about art It is so fluid and it is best to be open to change lest frustration lay you low.

I love Indian Paintbrush and Horsetail because they bring good memories to the surface of my mind.

Memories of Big Falls the one place on earth that is a sanctuary in my heart. It is a place of peace, tranquility and unbelievably clear water. At the headwaters of the Henry's Fork of the Snake River you could count the pebbles if you were so inclined. It is called Big Springs and there are trout that you can feed. They stay by the bridge and they are BIG trout. Uh uh no fishing!

You might think this has nothing to do with the Little Gourd....actually it doesn't. But yet it does because Island Park has all that I am putting on the Little Gourd. Things stored in my memory often make it to my paintings. Experience and observation are the arts best friends, then with imagination thrown in, oh what worlds we can create.

Oh the butterfly did make it. It flew in and is sitting on the Indian Paintbrush. A little blue one. Maybe more will join it; we will just have to wait and see. It will be featured in the next blog which should have the wolf, maybe.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

The Little Gourd Part 3

Well since the last posting I have been pondering the design.
You will see that my wise old owl is not quite finished. I think he is waiting for more of the little gourd to be finished before he will enlighten me on how to finish him. The wise old owl came quite easily but for some reason the gourd puzzled me.

I would just see dragon flies and the "four directions". I decided to see what I could find out about the "four directions" and was very excited to find that there are colors attached to them. Yes, I now had my direction for the "four directions"

Truth is associated with Dragon Flies. As a child I remember my mother telling me if I lied the dragon flies would sew my mouth shut. I cannot tell you the impression that made on me. I would rather say any thing than maybe tell a lie. As a child I think I could tell some pretty good stories. Although, there are some ideas floating around in my "gourd" regarding what to do with him. As I write this wolves and butterflies are playing in my head. It is quite pleasant actually.

I am champing at the bit to get going on those visuals.