Sunday, March 1, 2009

The Little Gourd Part 3

Well since the last posting I have been pondering the design.
You will see that my wise old owl is not quite finished. I think he is waiting for more of the little gourd to be finished before he will enlighten me on how to finish him. The wise old owl came quite easily but for some reason the gourd puzzled me.

I would just see dragon flies and the "four directions". I decided to see what I could find out about the "four directions" and was very excited to find that there are colors attached to them. Yes, I now had my direction for the "four directions"

Truth is associated with Dragon Flies. As a child I remember my mother telling me if I lied the dragon flies would sew my mouth shut. I cannot tell you the impression that made on me. I would rather say any thing than maybe tell a lie. As a child I think I could tell some pretty good stories. Although, there are some ideas floating around in my "gourd" regarding what to do with him. As I write this wolves and butterflies are playing in my head. It is quite pleasant actually.

I am champing at the bit to get going on those visuals.

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