Saturday, March 28, 2009

Well it is completed now.

What a sweet journey this has been! The Little Gourd has led me down memory lane in more ways than I could ever have imagined. It will be a little heart wrenching to let it go on its journey, but it really wants to go to Linda. Hopefully she will like it as much as I liked doing it for her. I was going to attach the wise old owl to the top of the gourd but he did not, I repeat, did not want to be there. The owl stands alone! So it will be a very small rattle. Why, I do not know but that is the way it is to be. It will make the why known in its own good time.

The painting of the gourd was easy but taking the photos in a manner that the photos came out correctly was something else. Refer to "Techie I am Not". I must have taken a hundred photos to get what I have on the blog.

I have listened and followed, painted and prayed, and have had a fine journey with this project. To all who follow the Little Gourd; thank you. Positive thoughts do help any artist in what ever medium they choose and they are appreciated. They are helpful. They give courage when we need it and always send inspiration.

We all have different talents. They are gifts that we must use for good and always, always give thanks for them.

What will be my next project? No sure, but it will have my all as has the Little Gourd . You know when you give your all, you get it all back.


  1. What an amazing piece of art! And I can say I knew you before you became famous - cool! I envy your talent-I can't draw a straight line with a ruler. But, as you stated, we are all blessed with different talents. I hope I live long enough to discover mine. Anyway, I love the little gourd. I'm anxious to see your next project and I hope you will share some of your past work with all of us out here in blogestan.

  2. So incredible. Thanks again for sharing the path your art takes you through its creation.