Monday, May 4, 2009

The Frog King

This is a commissioned gourd that I just finished and delivered on Saturday. So now you know what I have been doing for the last month; that and getting the "Bug" everyone seems to have had.

The Frog Kings was so fun! It brought back memories. I know you are all surprised by that, are you not As this small world was created I felt so at peace. I love the out doors even though I seldom get to go play in it. So this is one way that I do. It is my world, my fun.

Oh boy, as I am writing this what a trip into the past. Goodness, how more than 10 I guess. We used to visit our dad's oldest sister, Aunt Ivy, on their farm. Pastures were watered by flooding, guess they still are in certain areas. This happened to be in Wilford, Idaho or close to it. We tried to catch frogs in the grass and clover. It also brought up a typical Sallyism. They had a horse. I love horses. It was a paint. Palomino I think and it did not always want to move fast. Aunt Ivy's boy child( whose name I do not recollect, and you will understand why I do not want to remember when I finish this little story) was riding it bareback and wanted it to go faster so he talked me into jamming an apple on a stick and running in front of this critter that loved apples. Did I say loved apples? When you are a tiny child, not being anything but bitsy for our age ( I wonder if Susan remembers this, she probably told me not to do it) well that is one BIG horse when it is pounding the earth right behind you!!!!! Did I also mention that I love fences?

it got the apple and greatly enjoyed it.

See what a small thing like illustrating a gourd can do. I cannot wait to do the next one. I should do one of the horse and the apple. Have to think about that. Wouldn't want to embarrass my self now would I.

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  1. Sally,

    How fabulous! I love the gourdes, they are like little worlds wrapped around magic.

    I am already anticipating the next one.

    Melissa L.