Thursday, March 5, 2009

Well the Fox is in it now

I know, I know, wolves and butterflies were in my head but you know those foxes are pretty quick.

That is the wonderful thing about art It is so fluid and it is best to be open to change lest frustration lay you low.

I love Indian Paintbrush and Horsetail because they bring good memories to the surface of my mind.

Memories of Big Falls the one place on earth that is a sanctuary in my heart. It is a place of peace, tranquility and unbelievably clear water. At the headwaters of the Henry's Fork of the Snake River you could count the pebbles if you were so inclined. It is called Big Springs and there are trout that you can feed. They stay by the bridge and they are BIG trout. Uh uh no fishing!

You might think this has nothing to do with the Little Gourd....actually it doesn't. But yet it does because Island Park has all that I am putting on the Little Gourd. Things stored in my memory often make it to my paintings. Experience and observation are the arts best friends, then with imagination thrown in, oh what worlds we can create.

Oh the butterfly did make it. It flew in and is sitting on the Indian Paintbrush. A little blue one. Maybe more will join it; we will just have to wait and see. It will be featured in the next blog which should have the wolf, maybe.


  1. I love watching these gourds come to life. You do a great job!

  2. It's so amazing to hear you detail the thoughts and memories dancing in your head as you come up with the designs for your gourds. I know all art has a story - it is great to hear yours!