Thursday, April 8, 2010

A rant on the color red.

I seem to always have funny little oddities happen when I least expect anything to happen...isn't that the way of it? Now what could happen with red as in paint? I had a Siamese cat walk through a paint pan and leave his foot prints all over the house; I mean from the back porch through the kitchen and front room. Laughable and fixable.

One of the properties of red paint is that it takes longer to dry than other colors. Just something about the pigment. Now a wise woman would remember this, right. You might wonder why the subject; lets just say I wasn't wise for a moment and it only takes a moment for red to wander all over. Red is such a sociable color. Loves everything and attaches quite well to anything kind of like a magnet to metal filings.

The Honor Flight Gourd was coming along great. The eagle portrait almost looks as though you could pull it out of the gourd, the flying eagle so free and then the red stripes were added. Did I mention how red likes to travel and hug every thing....keep in mind that I let it 'dry' before adding the sky. As I turned the gourd to apply the blue something very disturbing began to happen; I was seeing pink ( I don't much care for pink) all over the the white stripes. Hmmm, check out the fingers. WHAT.....RED. That isn't pink its red finger prints. I ruined my gourd, no, no, NOOOO. Did you know that you can erase on a gourd with a razor blade. Works real good. Made a real interesting effect on the feathers. Thus I learned again red takes a long time to dry.

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