Monday, January 5, 2009

The i of we

I am somewhat puzzled as to why people would blogg and then the i of we thought how cool. I am sure many people would be interested in living where I live. If you haven't noticed I am one of two. We both live in the Grand Valley of Colorado. To me it is a magical place. I mean where else does the sun come up in the North and set in the South. That's the way it seems anyway. The light here is different and for the most part there is lots of it.

I have seen my little valley bathed in pink light at sunset as the Colorado National Monument glows with the last flame of sunset. Dawns are pretty fantastic too.

My Sister and I are artist and we are still chasing the perfect painting after all these years. SallySu was our name until they could tell us apart. We can still confuse people and thats fun. My paintings are all signed SEDG and you may have seen my illustrations if you keep up with Mike the Headless Chicken in Fruita, Colorado.

I will be posting about once a week as I do my art. Kind of a brush by brush stroke or pencil or pen stroke. Anyway what ever I am working on.


  1. Welcome to the world of blogging. You'll find it to be a real hoot. I'm anxious to follow your blog and all the goings on in Colorado and in seeing some of your art.

  2. Yea Sally!!! I have been trying to get you and my mom to do this for a while. It is a great and free way to start getting your name out there. Best of luck to you.