Monday, February 2, 2009

Techie i am not

So i am somewhat behind on my posting. I blame it on the camera that took the photos and then refused to give them up. Then with my new Canon Elph......ah learning is soo much fun. So I um took a while to figure it out. Was somewhat taken aback when I put my finger over the flash to keep from getting a glare and got.........a red photo. Wooo trippy.

This is my first ever gourd illustration. It will be one that I keep cuz its my first child gourd. Creations are that way ya know. Part of the artist. They may give them titles and such or not..... the i of we does not unless she has to. Kinda figure people can call it what they want as we all see something different in the creation. And this way no explaining why it has the title it has. I used Prismacolor pens because didn't want to cover up the gourd but to use its natural beauty. Its kind of like a total process. When I start a gourd I hold it, and caress it to get to know all the planes to it. this one was fairly symmetrical and what blemishes it had were worked into the design.

The really nice quality of the pens is that they are transparent and allow the gourd to still be a gourd. I do like creating my own little worlds. Oh, that is a little house wren peeking out her door.

My next post will feature a Fairies gourd. Yes, I already took the photos.

Also, a gourd that has been commissioned will be the one that I will show the startthrough to the finish. Its "bare naked" as we begin.

Have a creative day!


  1. Wow! Cool gourd, Sally. I wish I could paint something besides a wall. Are you going to market the gourds? I'm looking forward to the next post.

  2. Thanks Dee.
    Yes, I will be marketing them.

    This one only took 22 hours and it is not the largest nor the most detailed as one that I have done. That one will be up at a later date.